In the new season will increase the demand for canola and canola

2018-08-21 12:13:38
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In the new season will increase the demand for canola and canola

Experts Oil World I believe that in 2018/19 MG due to the increase in world demand major exporters will increase sales of canola and canola to 17.35 million tonnes, which is 7% higher than the previous season 16,23 million tonnes.


in Particular, Canada will increase exports of these crops from 10.78 to 11.31 million tons, Australia – from 2.25 to 2.46 million tons, Ukraine – from 2.12 to 2.3 million tonnes, Russia – from 320 to 500 thousand tons.


At the same time, China is trying to offset the decrease in imports of soybeans will increase the purchase of rapeseed from 4.54 to 5.56 million tons, EU countries – from 4.19 to 4.46 million tons, Japan – from 2.34 to 2.4 million tons, Mexico – from 1.47 to 1.61 million tonnes, the UAE – from 880 to 970 thousand tons.


In comparison with the previous season, world production of rapeseed and canola in 2018/19 G will decrease with 66,49 before the age of 65.17 million tons and ending stocks from 8.4 to 7.65 million tonnes.


According to the forecast Oil World production of rapeseed in the EU in 2018/19 MG will reach its lowest for the last 7 years level of 19.5 million tons, 10.6% yield to the level of the previous season. While the amount of processing oil will be of 24.07 million tonnes, which almost corresponds to the last mg of 24.1 million tonnes.