In the new my Ukraine will increase production of sunflower

2018-04-16 12:26:49
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In the new my Ukraine will increase production of sunflower

In 2018 year, Ukraine will increase sowing area under sunflower and its gross yield.


a survey of producers and analysis of the structure of sown areas suggest that the area sown under sunflower compared to 2017 will grow by 5% to 6.4 million hectares, mainly due to the reduction of crops of barley and soybeans.


If the reduction of barley was due to weather factors, the acreage under soybean in 2018 may be reduced by 5% to 1.9 million hectares through canceled the VAT refund for the export of oil.


the Gross yield of sunflower in comparison with last year may grow by 10% to 15 million tons, and the yield will increase by 5% to 23,5 C/ha.


During September-March 2017/18 MG price demand for sunflower increased by 16% from 10 thousand UAH/t to 11.6 thousand UAH/t. the Growth rates and intense competition for raw materials will contribute to the expansion of acreage under sunflower after their reduction in 2017.


the Shortage of seed of sunflower this year in the market should not occur, since its import during September-February 2017/18 MG compared to last year increased by 12% and reached a record high of 15.4 thousand tons.


As of April 13 sunflower sown 91 thousand hectares, which is 2% of the planned sowing of 5.58 million hectares.