In the short term, sugar prices will fall

2018-08-31 12:03:44
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In the short term, sugar prices will fall

Expert S&P Platts Global (Kingsman) Daniel rebel told the conference "Trade and sugar exports 2018" that by reducing consumption, structural surplus and macroeconomic indicators of the world sugar prices continue to fall. Excess sugar in Asia and weak demand from China ahead of production cuts in Brazil due to adverse weather conditions and higher prices for ethanol than sugar.


Surplus sugar in the season 2017/18 is expected to reach 11.5 million tonnes in 2018/19 season – in the range of 11.8 million tons.


In comparison with last year, the EU increased its exports of sugar by half, while imports grew by only 20%. The main buyers are the countries of the Mediterranean and West Africa.


Futures on raw sugar in Chicago in August renewed a 5-year low of 222 $/t, but now recovered to 232,8 $/t, which is 33% lower than the level of last year.


Ukraine 2018/19 MG can reduce the production of sugar-by 5.5%, but to increase exports by 13 per cent - said the press service of "Ukrsakhar".


it is Expected that in 2018/19 MG Russia will cut sugar production by 11%, and Belarus will increase by 13%. The export of sugar from Russia will rise by 7%, and of Belarus will decrease by 5%.


Among the countries-exporters will remain tough competition for markets.