In China having the most severe since 2013, bird flu

2017-02-20 12:14:09
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In China having the most severe since 2013, bird flu

currently, China recorded more than 260 cases of influenza Н7N9. Since January of this virus died 87 people.


Authorities introduce strict measures to prevent the spread of disease: closing bird markets in the South and Central regions increased control over the transport of birds.


In most cases the infection occurred during contact with poultry farms or bird markets. Therefore, the government encourages the avoidance of contact with birds and provides training in the recognition of the first symptoms of the disease.


this Year, the virus in birds is almost asymptomatic, whereas in humans the disease is more severe and often leads to lethal consequences.


To prevent the spread of the virus from December 2016 in Suzhou, ceased trading chicken.


Outbreak of bird flu may cause a reduction in chicken production and, consequently, to the decrease in imports of feed grains and meal to China.