In the black sea region harvest during the active phase

2017-07-18 14:45:04
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In the black sea region harvest during the active phase

According to the Ministry of agrarian policy of Ukraine, agrarians as of July 17, with an average yield of 32.3 t/ha was collected 8,268 million tons of early grain and leguminous crops from an area of 2,559 million hectares (27% of the plan).


in particular, the area harvested of wheat to the reporting date amounted to 1.26 million hectares, of which with a yield of 34.5 C/ha harvested 4,351 million tons of grain. Barley from the area of 1,065 million hectares collected 3,368 million tons, the yields were 31.6 kg/ha. of Millet from the area of 0.8 thousand hectares harvested 2 thousand tons with an average yield of 21.3 C/ha, and oats collected 1.2 million hectares with an area of 0.6 hectares with a yield of 21.8 C/ha.


Also, Ukrainian agrarians have threshed 547 thousand tonnes of peas. The average yield of legumes amounted to 23.5 t/ha area harvested – 233 thousand hectares.


in addition, the farms in the country, the gross yield of canola at July 17 amounted to 587 thousand tons with a yield of 23 t/ha, oil is collected on 256 hectares.


As of July 17, 2017 in Russia threshed grain from the area of 4.2 million ha (2016 – 5.9 million ha), and produced 18.8 million tons of grain (in 2016 – 24.5 million tons) with a yield of 44.6 q/ha (in 2016, or 41.9 kg/ha).


winter and spring Wheat in the whole country threshed with area of 3.0 million hectares (2016 is 4.4 million hectares). Harvested 13.7 million tons of grain (in 2016 19.0 million tons), with a yield 46,0 t/ha (in 2016 – 43,4 t/ha).


winter and spring Barley threshed on the area of 645,4 thousand hectares (in 2016 – 743,4 thousand hectares). Harvested 2.6 million tonnes (in 2016 and 2.9 million tonnes) at a yield of 40.8 t/ha (in 2016 is 38.6 kg/ha).