In Chicago plummeting prices for soybeans and soybean oil

2017-12-29 12:48:46
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In Chicago plummeting prices for soybeans and soybean oil

In Chicago continues to fall in the prices of oilseeds due to the news that more than half of China imported 27.5 million tons of U.S. soybeans has SMTU admixture above 1%, while in 2018 China restricts it at the level of 1%.


Previously, China allowed for unloading American soy the most common class with the content of trash up to 2%. From September, however, increasingly began to identify with a party exceeding this figure.


it is Worth noting that the stricter requirements for admission to 2018 would only apply to American soybeans and will not affect soybean supply from Argentina and Brazil.


Within two days of the March soybean futures dropped 2% to 351,8 $/ton, soybean meal lost 3 $/ton, and soybean oil fell by 3.4% to 724 $/t


have lost in the price of the January quotes for canola, which in two sessions, fell by 3.5% to 483 CADa/t or 384 $/t


After the fall in prices for the oilseed in Chicago and the cost of palm oil on the background of the strengthening Euro against 1,195 €/$ prices for rapeseed in the EU yesterday dropped to 3 €/t to 347, 5 €/t or 415 $/t