In 2017/18 MG world production of oilseeds will increase

2017-05-12 12:37:06
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In 2017/18 MG world production of oilseeds will increase

In the new season, the world production of oilseeds will increase slightly relative to the current season and will be 572,1 million tons.


soybean Production will decline by 1% or 3.4 million tonnes to 344,7 mln t. the Decrease in soybean crop in Brazil, USA and Paraguay will be offset by increased production in Canada and China at the same time, as almost unchanged will be the gross yield in Argentina.


Due to high demand for soybeans from the EU and South-East Asia, China, Egypt and Brazil will increase imports of soybeans. The increasing consumption of soybeans in India will lead to increasing the volume of world trade.


in the month of April, the price of soybeans has decreased and now are:

  • 360 $/MT FOB US ($20/t less than the previous month)
  • 357 $/t FOB Brazil Paranagua (24 $/t less than last month),
  • 351 $/t FOB Argentina (22 $/t less than last month).


with increasing supplies of South American soybeans, the trend to lower prices. According to the USDA forecast the average price in the 2017/18 season will be 9.3 cents/bushel or 342 $/t


To meet the ever growing demand for palm oil is projected to increase its production in 2017/18 MG that will allow you to restore the ultimate reserves of oil.


World production of rapeseed in the 2017/18 season will increase by 3.9 million tonnes due to the increase in acreage in Canada, the EU, India, USA and Ukraine on 9%.