In 2017, the early grain crops will decrease by 20%

2017-07-12 12:35:15
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In 2017, the early grain crops will decrease by 20%

Weather conditions of the current year adversely affected the yield of early grain crops in Ukraine.


for a long period of lack of rainfall led to soil drought and only moderate air temperatures in April-may is not allowed to destroy the crops. However, after increasing the temperature from mid-June in the upper layer soil moisture, which is necessary for the formation of the harvest, is almost gone.


Because this time, there was a process of formation and ripening of the grain harvest in some regions will be substantially lower than last year's. Hardest hit Kiev, Poltava, Cherkasy and Kirovohrad region. At the same time in the Western regions of the harvest will be good, because there is precipitation took place evenly.


According to agrometeorology for adverse weather conditions, the yield of wheat and barley will decrease compared to last year at least 20%. However, modern technologies of cultivation of grain may slightly improve the situation.


Suddenly passes the formation of reproductive organs in maize, so from the current weather conditions will determine its future harvest. Still the situation with the corn crop was considered critical because of the considerable area covered by soil drought. However, the rains that soon will be able to improve the condition of the plants.


According Minagropolitiki, the harvest of 2017 crops sown 14.3 million hectares, of which winter crops to 7.15 million hectares, spring crops and corn – 7.17 million hectares.


11.07.17 from 1.2 million hectares and produced 3.7 million tonnes of grain.


  • barley – 2 mln tonnes from 628 thousand hectares with a yield of 3.21 t/ha
  • the
  • wheat – 1.4 million tonnes with 418 thousand hectares with a yield of 3.2 t/ha
  • the
  • rye – 400 tons from 123 thousand hectares with a yield of 2.38 t/ha.

in addition, the rapeseed is collected 235 thousand tonnes and 112 thousand hectares with a yield of 2.1 t/ha.


the Best yield obtained in Volyn (of 5.95 t/ha), Lviv (of 5.92 t/ha), Ivano-Frankivsk (5,45 t/ha), Khmelnytskyi (5 t/ha) and Vinnytsia (of 4.28 t/ha).