In 2016/17 MG Ukraine's changing directions of export of maize

2017-03-16 12:27:18
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In 2016/17 MG Ukraine's changing directions of export of maize

In the 2016/17 season my Ukraine exported more than 11.9 million tone of maize. There is a change of the direction of the grain supply for export.


If last season 51% (8.4 million tons) of corn sold in the EU in the current season the exports in this direction has significantly decreased. During October-January 2016/17 MG in EU countries exported 3.2 million ton of corn, or 37% of the total export of corn, which is 37% lower than the same period 2015/16.


At the same time, a growing share of the supply of corn to middle East countries. In 2016/17 MG there exported 1.9 million tons of corn, or 23% of the total. This is 3.2 times higher than in the same period of the previous MG and 17% higher than the total supply of corn in this direction during the season 2015/16, when it exported 1.7 million tons or 10% of the Ukrainian export of corn.


the Main domestic buyer of corn today was Iran, which in 2016/17 MG acquired 17% of the grain, or 1.5 million tons of corn. At the beginning of last season he did not buy Ukrainian corn, while late in the season acquired 0.7 million tons or 4% of total exports.


the Price of corn at the port remains at 155-156 $/ton or 4800-4950 UAH/ton, according to traders will be the same for another 1.2-2 months.