In 2016/17 my Ukraine increased grain exports by 9.3%

2017-03-22 12:58:18
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In 2016/17 my Ukraine increased grain exports by 9.3%

During July-February 2016/17 MG Ukrainian farmers exported 33 million tons of grain, which is 9.3% higher than in the same period of the previous season.


in Particular, during the specified period, the global markets have been implemented:

  • 14 million tons of wheat, which is 15.7% more than in July-February, 2015/16,
  • 4.7 million tonnes of barley (18.6% exceeds the same indicator of the previous period),
  • 11 million tonnes of maize, which corresponds to the figures of July-February of the 2015/16 season.


the Main consumers of Russian grain are still African and Asian countries. Wheat are more likely to buy Egypt, India, Indonesia, barley – Saudi Arabia and Libya, corn – in China and Egypt.


"Analysis of the Economic discussion club" predict that in the 2016/17 my, Ukraine will export 43,65 million tons of grain, of which corn – of 20.92 million tons of wheat – of 16.53 million tonnes, barley to 5.33 million tonnes.


the domestic Demand for grain is estimated at 24.4 million tonnes, of which for food purposes will require 6 million tons of grain.