In 2016 Ukraine produced more cereals, but less bread

2017-01-27 12:19:09
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In 2016 Ukraine produced more cereals, but less bread

According to official statistics, in 2016, Ukraine has increased compared to the previous year, the production of cereals and cereals of all types by 14% to 330,7 thousand tons.


in particular, the production of chickpea grains has doubled – from 35 thousand tons to 72 thousand tons., and was a record figure of last year, among all types of cereals. Increased from 60.8 thousand tons up to 63.5 thousand tons production of corn grits.


At the same time, in 2016, the production of buckwheat decreased by 20% to 53.8 thousand tons. Furthermore, the production of barley grains decreased by 1.4 thousand tons to 9,8 thousand tons, wheat – by 1.3 thousand tons to 44,7 thousand tons.


Production of bread and bakery products in 2016 in comparison with the previous year decreased by 7.1% to 1.1 million. In particular, in December 2016, were produced 94.3 thousand tons of bread and bakery products, which is 12.5% less than the figure in December 2015.


flour Production in 2016 decreased by 4.8% and amounted to 1.9 million tons.