USDA acknowledged that the CRISPR-plant is not GMO

2018-04-16 12:21:56
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USDA acknowledged that the CRISPR-plant is not GMO

Experts USDA made the final decision that plants, the genomes of which varied with the technology for editing genomes (CRISPR/Cas) cannot be considered GMO plants, so they do not fall under the laws regulating GMOs.


USDA said that the new scientific achievements, in particular and for editing genomes, expanding the available opportunities for plant breeding, because they allow faster and more secure new features of the plants, so the breeding of new varieties accelerated for years or even decades.


According to experts USDA, breeding and innovation have great potential in protecting plants from drought and disease as well as helping to improve their nutritional value and avoid allergens.


the European court in the middle of this year have to make a decision about the fate of CRISPR/Cas-plants. China is also considering this question. Further trade and import of seeds CRISPR/Cas-plants will depend on the support of Europe and China, the decision of the United States.