The government approved the new VAT refund procedure

2017-01-26 12:11:09
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The government approved the new VAT refund procedure

the Government agreed to the Ministry of Finance developed a procedure for keeping the Register, to be a VAT refund, which will reduce corruption and simplify the conduct of business, - said the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The tax will be reimbursed to the taxpayers every day in order of receipt of the application. The amendments provide that in the further administration of the registers will be engaged in the Ministry of Finance. A fiscal service will automatically supply information on the payer and submitted by them for reimbursement of the VAT amount, as well as on the conformity of those amounts and the outcome of tax audits regarding the legality of the VAT refund.

Agreeing the amounts to the state Treasury, the Ministry of Finance necessarily conveys information about the date and the amount of budgetary compensation, which was transferred to the current account of the taxpayer or at the expense of budgetary payments, for example, to pay for existing obligations, tax debts and other payments.

Recall that in 2016 domestic enterprises was offset 94.4 billion UAH of VAT. Among agricultural enterprises, the greatest amount of compensation received:

  • kernel ― 6.8 billion UAH,
  • Cargill - 3.7 billion UAH,
  • MHP - 2.9 billion UAH,
  • Santreyd - 2.2 billion UAH,
  • NIBULON - 2.1 billion UAH,
  • ADM trading Ukraine - of 2.09 bln,
  • Imperovo foods - 1.04 billion UAH,
  • Delta Wilmar CIS is 730 million UAH,
  • Glencore grain Ukraine – 710 mln.