In Canada the yield will be less than expected

2017-09-01 12:09:16
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In Canada the yield will be less than expected

the August report to the Canadian Bureau of Statistics regarding the production of basic grains were more pessimistic recent predictions of experts.


According to official estimates, in 2017, Canada will be collected:

  • 25,541 million tons of wheat, which is 3.3% less than expert expectations and 19.5% less than 2016,
  • 7,212 million tonnes of barley, which is 9.2% less than expert expectations and 17.9% less than 2016,
  • 18,203 million tons of rapeseed is canola, which is 0.5% more expert expectations, however, 7.1% less than 2016,
  • 7.7 million tons of soybeans, which is 19.8% more than in 2016,
  • of 13.6 million tons of corn, which is 3.4% more runaa 2016.


in Particular, wheat of different types will be collected:

  • hard wheat 3,898 million tonnes, which is 23.7% less expert expectations and 49.8% less than 2016,
  • spring wheat 18,889 million tonnes, which is 7.7% less than 2016,
  • winter wheat 2,754 million tonnes, 21.6% less than in 2016.


the new report will support prices for wheat and barley, as traders did not expect such a significant decrease in yield.