Ukrzaliznytsia from July 1, closes 19% of the stations

2018-07-03 12:00:16
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Ukrzaliznytsia from July 1, closes 19% of the stations

since 01.07.2018 uz for 27 stations imposed a ban on shipments, and for 65 stations – temporary (up to 01.12.18) restrictions on the shipment of grain. In General, during July-November 2018/19 Mr decommission almost 19% of stations with the purpose of optimization of expenses for cargo transportation, in particular, on shipment of grain.


last year specified stations was shipped only 1.5 thousand tons of grain. Therefore, it was decided to close the station, which is almost not exploited.


Ukraine has 1075 railway stations, however, only 528 of them are active and can during the day to take 19150 cars, while the existing stock of Railways and private companies has 18 thousand grain cars. Therefore, the closure of the stations will not create inconveniences for farmers, but will save money on the purchase of new wagons and locomotives.


the decision was made after the analysis of operation of Railways in 2017, which showed that 11.2 million tonnes of grain, which is one-third of the transported grain were shipped through 50 stations, which are constantly sent "routes" with 54 of the hopper. Another 300 stations has shipped only 6% of the grain, as it took no more than two cars per day. In addition, for their services had to attract 50 locomotives, and operating costs amounted to 350 million UAH.