Ukrzaliznytsya has announced new rates for the use of cars

2018-03-14 12:07:32
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Ukrzaliznytsya has announced new rates for the use of cars

Ukrzaliznytsia has announced new rates for use of private freight wagons, which are defined in the framework of deregulation of services in granting in rent of a rolling stock.


Beginning from 19 Feb, the cost of using freight cars during the day including VAT is:

the wagon, the wagon converted and modernised into a gondola car, hopper-gondola – 650,40 UAH,

the dump cars, hopper-dispenser – 1164 UAH,

the cement – 645,60 UAH,

mineral cars – 774 UAH,

grain truck, wagon to transport flour – UAH 786,

car carrier – 861,60 UAH,

platform generic or converted and upgraded – 534 UAH,

platform ftyrow – UAH 508,8,

platform-truck – 482,40 UAH,

the tank, including a converted and modernised – 646,80 UAH,

covered wagon – 684 UAH.

  • akathisias - 750 UAH,


Earlier, the Ministry declared its intention of setting producer price index PPI (Producer Price Index) as a base reference for the indexation of tariffs for domestic freight shipments by rail.


New rate of using cars, according to experts, will increase the cost of tariffs for the carriage of goods by 10-15%, which will adversely affect the profitability of export shipments, particularly grain.