Uz 8.9% increase in the cost of grain

2018-07-04 12:13:15
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Uz 8.9% increase in the cost of grain

According to the "Centre of transport logistics" uz", 28 July-payment for the use of cars will increase by 0.9% - 21% depending on the type of carriage in accordance with the decision of the Board of the company from 15.06.2018 G.


Rate for using cars okatyshevozov rose the most – by 21% to 907,2 UAH/night (including VAT).


Payment for the daily use of other cars increased as follows:

mineral fertilizer – by 19.5% to UAH 925,2,

gondola – 10.7% to 720 UAH,

grain – by 8.9% to UAH 855,6,

platform-trucks – 8.2% up to UAH 522,

cement cars by 7.2% to UAH 692,4,

platform ftyrow – by 7.5% to UAH 547,2,

the tank – by 5.8% to UAH 684,

hopper-batchers and dump cars by 2.8% to UAH 1196,4,

platform universal – by 0.9% to UAH 538,8.

  • boxcars – by 19.5% to UAH 817,2,


this solution has been substantially modified ratios of empty mileage for different types of cars that were the same for all cars at the level of 0.61.


Since July 28, the specified ratio will grow:

okatyshevozov – to 0.85,

mineral wagons – to 1.04,

dumping cars – to 1.22,

other cars to 1.02.

  • for cement to 0.76,


In this case, the empty run ratio flatcar reduced to 0.02.


in addition, a surcharge in the amount of daily use will incur if you divert railcars and operations associated with the arrival and dispatch of goods.


In the case of using the ferry crossing or a reboot of cargo in wagons with wheels of different width will be charged at the rate of double the daily rate.


this decision will once again increase the cost of transportation of grain and oilseeds.