Ukrainian processors involved in the "battle" for rape

2017-08-04 13:21:22
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Ukrainian processors involved in the "battle" for rape

As of August 3, threshed 97% of the area under winter rape, of which received 1,956 million tons at a yield of 2.74 t/ha.


According to analysts, the USDA, the volume of domestic processing of rapeseed in the new season relative to the previous MG will rise from 200 thousand tons to 740 thousand tons, while exports of rapeseed from Ukraine will reach 1.3 million tonnes. However, experts Agritel estimate the export of rapeseed from Ukraine at the level of 1.6 million tons..


the processing of canola crops-2017 has started the following companies: "Gradat" (Kirovograd region), Vioil (Vinnytsia region), "oliyar" (Lviv region), LCD Nizhyn (Chernihiv region), "West-Agroinvest" (Ternopil region) and "Yasensvit" (Cherkasy region).

in the Near future for processing of oilseeds is expected to start "Bessarabia-V" (Odessa region.) and Krasnogorsk factory (Cherkasy region).


increasing the number of businesses that have begun processing rapeseed will help to increase recycling rates. But it is possible that through the aggressive purchasing policies of traders since the beginning of the season, processors will not be able to accumulate the required batch of raw materials.


the processors ' Purchase prices are 11900-12200 UAH/t with delivery to the factory, while traders offer 12100-12200 UAH/t in the domestic grain elevators and 12500-12700 UAH/t with delivery to the port.


In Chicago, the price of canola continued to decline and has now reached the level 494,7 CAD/t or 393,90 $/t


the Price of rapeseed in Paris yesterday has decreased by 2 €/t to 366,0 €/t (434,95 $/t) with delivery in November.

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