Ukrainian grain Association summed up the season 2019/2020

2020-06-30 12:12:23
Ukrainian grain Association summed up the season 2019/2020

Ukraine has completed 2019/20 grain marketing year, which attracted a record 98 million tonnes and exported 62 million tonnes of grains and oilseeds. UGA is even issued a commemorative postage stamp to a record 98 million tonnes of crops.


within the last 3 years yields consistently exceed 90 million tons, due to efficient farming and increased crop yields. UGA experts expect that due to further development of these areas, soon grain production will rise to 113 million tons and exports – up to 70 mln tonnes


in the Past year, Ukraine has set a record for wheat production (28.2 million tons) and maize (35.2 million tonnes), the export of which was 20.5 and 30.3 million tons, respectively. However, the yields of these crops may be higher, as the average yield of wheat is 4 t/ha compared to 8 t/ha in France, and the corn 7 t/ha compared to 12 t/ha in Iowa in the United States with a similar climate.


Ukraine is in the TOP 5 leading exporters of grain of the main crops, and on the monetary value it in 2019, ranked second after United States in terms of exports 9.6 billion $, ahead of Argentina (9.3 billion $) and Russia (7.9 billion $).


the Export of domestic agricultural products accounts for 40% of foreign exchange earnings of the country and the stagnation of many industries is key to stable development of the country.


Weather conditions in winter and spring caused concern about the future of the crop, but the may rains improved the condition of both winter and spring crops, and the June heat promotes rapid grain ripening. The drought in the southern regions of the country that are not major producers of grain, will not significantly reduce the harvest. A significant increase in sowing areas of maize allows us to hope for a record harvest of this crop in 2020


In the June forecast experts UZA estimated production of cereals and oilseeds in 2020/21 MG at 97.1 million tons and exports at 58.8 million tonnes and a corn Harvest may reach a record 36.9 million tonnes, its exports of 31 million tonnes, the harvest of wheat is 26.8 million tons (the second largest after the record 2019) and its export of 18 million tons.

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