Ukraine increases production of fruits and berries

2018-02-13 12:08:49
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Ukraine increases production of fruits and berries

In 2017 in Ukraine with 194 thousand hectares harvested about 2 million tonnes of fruits and berries with an average yield of 10.52 t/ha.


in Particular, according to the agriculture Ministry, were gathered:

from 60.6 thousand hectares 563,9 thousand tons of stone with a yield of 9.28 t/ha,

from 19.9 thousand ha 126.8 thousand tons of berries with a yield of 6.32 t/ha,

13.5 thousand hectares of 108.6 thousand tons of nuts with a yield of 8.05 t/ha.

  • 104,4 thousand hectares to 1.25 million tonnes of pome crops with a yield of 11.94 MT/ha,


the Greatest harvest seed crops are apples, which he collected of 1.08 million tons from 91 thousand hectares with a yield of 11,86 t/ha.


Among the total collected stone cherry – 172 thousand tons at a yield of 8.66 t/ha and plums – 200 thousand tons at a yield of 10.99 t/ha.


Among the more produced berries strawberries and strawberry – 55 thousand tons at a yield of 6.86 t/ha of 7.8 hectares.


in addition, 40.3 thousand hectares was grown 403,3 thousand tons of grapes with a yield of 10 t/ha.


Recall that in 2017 Ukraine gathered 18.3 million tons of industrial oil crops, 9.3 million tonnes of vegetables, 22.2 million tons of potatoes, 61,3 million tons of grain and leguminous crops.

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