Ukraine increased borrowing to cover the budget deficit

2019-11-07 12:21:31
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Ukraine increased borrowing to cover the budget deficit

In October, the state budget of Ukraine received 70,9 billion UAH, which is 90,06% of the planned 78,8 billion. The customs service does not plan tox revenues for the twelfth consecutive month, and the tax - third.


For 10 months of the current year the state budget of the planned 857,9 billion UAH received 810,7 billion, or 94.5 per cent, in particular:

the customs service is 263 billion, or 87,94% of the target of 299.1 billion UAH,

local governments — 230,5 billion UAH, or to 101.5% of the planned 226,8 billion UAH,

ERU made 222,3 billion, or 120,94% of plan, up 38.5 billion UAH more than last year.

  • the IRS has collected 359,1 billion, or 99,57% of the planned 360,7 billion UAH,


the Ministry of Finance continues the issuance of government bonds at auction November 5, placed in national currency securities 3,139 billion, although due to the high demand of applications for purchase of government bonds received by 12 billion UAH. It is possible to reduce interest rates on 4-year bonds to 13.3% compared to 16% under which these securities were placed in may.


 the Ministry of Finance has placed the following bonds:

for a period of 329 days under 14% on the amount 521,43 million UAH,

for the period 1386 days at a 13.3% on the amount 2306,778 million.

  • for a period of 105 days under of 14.35% on the amount 311,664 million UAH,


Thanks to the sale of foreign currency by non-residents, who are the main buyers of government bonds, the hryvnia strengthened to 24.57/24,6 UAH/$. To support the exchange rate of the NBU through a system of Matching bought 30-50 million $.


the national Bank does not provide data on daily interventions, but only on Friday publish a report within a week. According to experts, current week the national Bank acquired 95-110 million $, which is a significant amount for the interbank market. The overall trend towards the cheapening of the currency is maintained.

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