Ukraine increases export of apples

2018-02-12 12:10:37
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Ukraine increases export of apples

the Decrease in the current season of Apple harvest in the EU has allowed Ukraine to significantly increase the supply of these products to European countries.


According to the CTA, during July 2017 – January 2018 the export of apples from Ukraine to the EU amounted to 9.2 thousand tons, while in the corresponding period 2016/17 MG he was hardly more than 1 thousand tons and was mainly composed of fruit for further processing.


the Main consumer of Ukrainian apples remains Belarus, which actively increases imports of these products for subsequent re-export to Russia.


during a specified period Apple exports to Belarus increased compared to the corresponding period of the previous season by a factor of 1.6 to 11.4 thousand tons.


in General for 7 months 2017/18 MG Ukraine sold on world markets 21 thousand tons of apples, which is 2.3 times higher than exports of the same period 2016/17 MG. Only in January 2018 the export of apples amounted to 4.2 thousand tons, which is 1.8 times higher than the rate of exports January 2017.