Ukraine increases export of soybean and sunflower oil

2019-08-16 12:36:55
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Ukraine increases export of soybean and sunflower oil

According to APK-inform, in July, Ukraine exported record for the month 555 thousand tons of sunflower oil, which is 19% higher than in June and 38% higher than in July last year.


11 months 2018/19 MG exports of sunflower oil increased in comparison with the similar period of last year by 15% to 5.75 million tonnes, which is 5% higher than the record figure 2016/17 MG – of 5.45 million tons And by the end of the current season he may be 6 million tons.


In January-July 2019 compared to the same period last year, exports of sunflower oil increased by 16% to 3.8 million tons, and soy – 81% to 238 thousand tons, reported the Ministry of agrarian policy.


the Reduction of sown areas under sunflower by 4.4% and soybean by 8% was offset by favorable weather conditions. A good crop of sunflower will create preconditions for the production and export of oil and fat products, which provide a significant foreign exchange earnings.


currently Ukraine is a world leader in the export of sunflower oil, although 20 years ago it mainly imported the products. Since 1998 the country has built 60 new processing enterprises, of which 40 – high power, 16 terminals for transshipment of vegetable oils, modernized old company. The volume of investments into the sector exceeded $ 3 billion $, - told Ukroliyaprom.


Refining capacity has increased 2.8 times from 2.5 million tonnes in 1998 to 22 million tonnes in 2018. Production of Ukrainian sunflower oil for 20 years has increased 15.3 times, and its exports at 28.4 times. Now, Ukraine can annually process of 5.44 million tonnes of soybeans and 2 million tonnes of rapeseed.

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