Ukraine increased corn exports in Egypt and Turkey

2019-12-24 12:25:40
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Ukraine increased corn exports in Egypt and Turkey

During October-November 2019 Ukraine exported 5.5 million MT of corn, which is 24% higher than in the same period last year, according to APK-inform.


the Main buyer of Ukrainian corn was China, which compared with the corresponding period last year zblow its purchase by 64% from 560,4 to 918,8 thousand tons. Second place goes to Egypt, which for the specified period has increased the purchase of Ukrainian corn to 5.5 times with 147,8 to 820,5 thousand tons.


Turkey and Israel have also substantially increased corn imports from Ukraine. Turkey in the current season increased purchases of domestic corn in 2,7 times to 301,8 thousand tons, Israel – 4.4% to 282,2 thousand tons.


at the same time the EU for the first two months of the season reduced the import of Ukrainian corn by 20% to 2.5 million tonnes, including key customers – Spain – 27% to 769,1 thousand tons and the Netherlands – 9% to 621,5 thousand t. in addition, compared to last year, the two countries of the TOP 10 buyers of domestic corn has reduced its imports: Germany with 50% 471,6 to of 207.6 thousand tonnes and Italy with 358,4 to 171,9 thousand tonnes Belgium increased its imports of corn from Ukraine by 1.4 times to 217,2 thousand tons and Portugal by 3.5% to 183.9 thousand tons, These countries are also included in the top ten major buyers of Ukrainian corn.


in General, in October-November 2019 in the TOP 10 European countries-importers shipped a total of 81% of total exports of Ukrainian maize.

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