Ukraine will leave acreage the same as last year

2019-02-19 13:51:17
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Ukraine will leave acreage the same as last year

According to the Ministry of agriculture, under the crop 2019 crop in Ukraine will be planted 27.7 million hectares, which would correspond to a level of 2018.


crops plan to plant 14.8 million ha or 54% of total structure space, which corresponds to the optimal norms of the ratio of crops in crop rotation.


Spring crops sow 7.2 million hectares. the structure of crops will depend on the condition of winter crops after the winter, which will optimize the area under spring crops, particularly corn, those late cereal crops. Experts believe that sugar beet in the current year will sow 220-230 thousand hectares, which is almost 25% lower than in the previous year.


While in the United States expect the official forecast of acreage in 2019, analytical agencies publish assessments of their own. So, experts IEG Vantage, formerly known as Informa Economics, increased the forecast of acreage under corn in the US in 2019, compared with the January estimate with 91,504 to 91,591 million acres, which greatly exceeds the level 2018 89.1 million acres.


the Forecast of sowing areas under soybean in the US in 2019 compared to the previous report reduced to 86,044 86,204 million acres that will yield to 89.2 million acres in 2018.


for wheat in the US in 2019 will emit 46,782 million acres, while in January this figure was estimated at 47,163 million acres. Winter wheat will sow 31,290 million acres, which corresponds to the forecast of the Ministry of agriculture of the United States from February 8, spring – 13,640 million acres, durum – 1,852 million acres.


assessment of the sowing areas of cotton experts IEG Vantage increased compared to the January report from 14,637 to 14,652 million acres.


in addition, in 2019 under sorghum will be allocated 5,588 million acres, barley – 2,656 million acres; oats 2,772 million acres, rice – 2,870 million acres.