Ukraine in the current season exported 34.2 million tons of grain

2016-05-10 13:46:06
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Ukraine in the current season exported 34.2 million tons of grain

Since the beginning of season 2015/16 as at 10.05.16 domestic farmers were able to export 34.3 million tons of grain crops.


Only for the first ten days of may were shipped 115 thousand tons of grain. In addition, the loading stand 18 ships that have to load another 500 thousand tons. Thus the total number of exported and prepared for export of grain amounted to 34.9 million tons.


in Particular, on a specified date from Ukraine exported:

  • corn 15.5 million tone,
  • wheat 14.9 million tone,
  • barley 4.2 million ton.


it is Expected that the 2015/16 season will be a record in exports of grain crops. The rest of the season is planned to export more than 36 million tons of grain.


However, the volume of export from Ukraine forage corn in 2015/16 will be the lowest for the past three seasons. The main reason for the slowdown of exports was a decrease in the gross grain harvest caused a reduction of the acreage under it and adverse weather conditions that were observed during ripening, in particular prolonged drought.


Recall that for the entire previous season, Ukraine exported 19.6 million tonnes of maize, and in the season of 2013/14 my – 19,8 million.