Ukraine in 2017 reimburse the taxpayers 68.3 billion UAH of the VAT

2017-08-10 14:14:07
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Ukraine in 2017 reimburse the taxpayers 68.3 billion UAH of the VAT

Within seven months of the current year refund domestic VAT amounted to 68.3 billion, with the amount of 66 billion UAH. This is by 41.4% (over 20 billion) higher than in the same period of the previous year, - reported in the SFS of Ukraine.


Almost 96% of applications for VAT refunds were made during the month, according to the results of Desk audits.


More than 60% of the total amount of compensation was returned to the companies during the April-July 2017 For the period reimbursed to 414.4 billion in the claimed 38.5 billion UAH.


In DFS noted that after the introduction from April 1 of the Electronic register of applications for refund were reduced by 90,5% or almost 14 billion UAH arrears of VAT to taxpayers.


At the time of introduction of the system of automatic compensation the state was to blame 15.3 billion UAH of VAT. Within a month the debt was reduced to 3,8 billion UAH, and at the end of July amounted to 1.86 billion UAH. During the first week of August was offset more 410 million UAH. In DFS we hope that by the end of the year the question of VAT payable will close.


the Introduction of automatic compensation provided to traders unsure of the VAT refund from the budget. Therefore, since the beginning of the season purchases when calculating the price takes into account the full amount of VAT, which allowed almost to level of prices at the port in local and foreign currency.