Ukraine entered the TOP 5 largest sellers of honey

2017-11-03 12:16:26
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Ukraine entered the TOP 5 largest sellers of honey

Since the beginning of this year Ukraine sold in the world markets of 46.2 thousand tons of honey for a total amount of 86.9 million $, and among the five largest exporters of these products, reports the FAO.


the Largest consumers of Ukrainian honey was the United States that it has acquired 23.2 million $, Germany and Poland, which bought honey 21.1 million and $ 21.3 million $, respectively. Their share in the total export volume of domestic honey is greater than 65%.


in the last 5 years, Ukraine has four times increased the export of honey. The main importers are the countries of the EU, who buy more than half of the world supply of honey.


Also, the leaders in the export of honey include China, Argentina, Vietnam and India.


According to FAO, the world honey market is 1.6-1.7 million tonnes, of which exported 35-40%. The volume of world trade in honey exceeds 2.2 billion dollars.