Ukraine is among the five largest exporters of peas

2017-03-01 12:09:15
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Ukraine is among the five largest exporters of peas

in 2016, Ukraine has implemented international markets 358 thousand peas, almost twice the prior year's results, and became part of the five largest world exporters of grain, giving way to Canada, the United States and Russia.


most of the peas were exported to India – 145 thousand tons, Pakistan – to 56.8 thousand tons, Turkey – 28,7 thousand tons.


the Increase in exports due to increased production of grain in Ukraine, 377,7 thousand tons to 745 thousand tons due to increased yield by 41% and increased demand in global markets for pulses.


the Development of growing technologies and an active export demand increase the share of pea in modern crop rotation and to increase its competitiveness over traditional crops, experts note.


According to "Ukrainian club agribusiness", the profitability of growing peas can be 56-111%.


currently, the port price for peas is 240-250 $/ton or 7800-7900 UAH/ton.