Ukraine in 2019/20 Mr has set a new record in grain exports

2020-07-08 12:11:58
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Ukraine in 2019/20 Mr has set a new record in grain exports

For 2019/20 my Ukraine exported a record 57.2 million tonnes of grain and legumes and flour, it is 13.5% or 6.8 million tonnes higher than the figure 2018/19 MG when to foreign markets was delivered to 50.4 million tonnes IN 2017/18 MG exports of these crops from Ukraine amounted to 39.4 million tonnes, in 2016/17 MG – of 44.4 million tons, informs the Ministry of the economy, citing data from the state customs Committee.


So, of grain and leguminous crops were exported 56.7 million you, in particular:


wheat and mixture of wheat with rye – 20.5 million tons,

barley – 5,08 million tons,

rye was 8.2 thousand tons,

other cultures – 791 thousand tons.

  • corn – 30.3 million tons,


Exports of flour amounted to 334,2 thousand tons, of which:


flour of other cereals – 2,5 thousand tons.

  • flour of wheat or from a mixture of wheat and rye (mesna) – 331,7 kt,


According to Gostamsluzhby in 2019 Ukrainian farmers from 15.28 million hectares harvested 75,08 million tonnes of grain, which is 7.2% more than collected in 2018 70,06 million tons.


was Also collected 23 million tonnes of oilseeds:


3.7 million tons of soybeans,

3,27 million tons of rapeseed.

  • 15.3 mn tonnes of sunflower,


Exports of oilseeds totaled 5.9 million tons (soybean – 2.8 million tons, rape – 3 million tons) and vegetable oils and 5.6 million tons.


the Experts of the Ukrainian grain Association in the June forecast estimated the harvest of grains and oilseeds in Ukraine in 2020/21 MG at 97.1 million tons, of which can be exported to 58.8 million tonnes high production volume is achieved due to the record corn crop is 36.9 million tons, of which exports will reach 31 million tons the wheat Harvest may be the second after last year's record and reach 26.8 million tonnes, of which will be exported 18 million tons.

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