Ukraine in 2018/19 MG exported a record amount of grain

2019-07-02 12:21:01
Ukraine in 2018/19 MG exported a record amount of grain

According to the agriculture Ministry, in 2018/19 MG Ukraine had a record grain crop of 70.1 million tons, of which exported 49.7 million tons, which is a historical high. The share of maize in total grain exports was 59.9%, wheat at 31.4%.


Crops is one of the main items of Ukraine's exports. The previous record was set in 2016/17 MG, when the country exported 43.8 million tonnes of grain, and then in 2017/18 MG export declined to 39.4 million tons.


Russia in 2018/19 MG exported 42.1 million tonnes of grain, which was the second figure after the record 52,72 million tonnes of the season 2017/18. Compared to the previous MG wheat exports decreased from 40,81 to of 34.57 million tons, barley – from 5.87 to 4.28 million tons, corn – from 5.65 to 2.66 million tonnes, including supplies to the EAEU countries, the export of grain and flour can be 44,74 million tons, - reported the experts of "Rusagrotrans".


the EU Countries as at 30 June exported 32,027 million tonnes of grain, which is 4% below the corresponding indicator 2017/18 MG. The import of grain increased by 25% and amounted to 30,181 million tons.


In comparison with the previous season, exports of soft wheat from the EU decreased by 4% to 20,262 million tons, its imports rose by 2% to 4,068 million tons, exports of feed barley fell by 24% to 4,353 million tons and its imports fell by 72% to 125,158 thousand tons, corn exports grew by 85% to 2,914 million tons and its imports increased by 33% to 23,608 million T.


the Largest suppliers of wheat in the EU were Russia (share in total imports 24%), Ukraine (21,4%) and Canada (19.2 per cent), barley – Moldova (41,2%), Serbia (20.7 per cent) and Ukraine (18.6 percent), maize – Ukraine (65,3%), Brazil (16.7%) of and Canada (7.6 percent).

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