Ukraine in 2018, will collect a record harvest of grain

2018-11-22 12:09:21
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Ukraine in 2018, will collect a record harvest of grain

As of November 19, domestic farmers with 96% of the area collected 66.4 million tonnes of grain with a yield of 4.65 t/ha against of 4.18 t/ha in 2017, and already broke the record for 2016, when it was raised 66 million tonnes of grain.


historically, the Highest gross collection will ensure high corn crop, which will reach a record 34.8 million tons.


On a specified date harvested:


Sunflower - 13.8 million tonnes from 6 million hectares or 99.8% of the area with a yield of 2.28 t/ha against of 2.01 t/ha in 2017.

Soy - 4.3 million tonnes from 1.7 million hectares or 99% of the area with a yield of 2.57 t/ha against of 1.92 t/ha in 2017.

  • Corn - 31.3 million tonnes from 4.1 million hectares or 90% of the area with a yield of 7.59 t/ha, which will also be a record and significantly higher than last year – of 5.23 t/ha.


it is Expected that the gross harvest and yield of soybean and sunflower also reached historically high levels.


Record harvest will allow to increase export of grain from Ukraine. As of November 21, 2018 in the current season already exported 16,58 million tons of grain, 772 thousand tons higher than in the same period last year.


compared To the previous season


corn – increased by 1,759 million tons to 4.4 million tons;

barley fell to 708 thousand tons to 3 million tons;

rye increased by 56.7 thousand tons up to 65,8 thousand tons.

  • wheat export decreased by 571 tonnes to 8.83 million tonnes;


Due to the increasing production of corn grain stocks as of November 1, 2018 rose to 36,41 million tonnes, 12 million tonnes higher than the figure of November 1, 2017.


On a specified date grain stocks are:


corn is 18.04 million tonnes,

barley 1.87 million tons,

rye 144 thousand t,

sunflower of 8.46 million tons.

  • wheat 10.4 million tons (in 2017 - 11,61 million tonnes),