Ukraine in 2017/18 exported 2.29 million tons less grain than last year

2018-03-01 12:09:33
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Ukraine in 2017/18 exported 2.29 million tons less grain than last year

For 2017/18 MG as 28.02.18 grain exports from Ukraine totaled 26,94 million tonnes of grain by 2.29 million tonnes lower than the level of the corresponding period last year, reports agriculture Ministry.


thus, in comparison with the previous year grain export has decreased:

corn or 1.26 million tonnes to 9.45 million tons,

barley 638 thousand tons to 4 million tons,

rye to 16.8 thousand tons.

  • wheat-by 350 thousand tons to 13.18 million tons,


the export of flour compared to the same period in 2017, increased by 18.8% or 45.6 thousand tons to 288,1 thousand tons.


Recall that in the current season Ukraine exported to China 812,5 thousand tons of corn and 2.8 times higher than exports in the corresponding period of the previous season.


in addition, in 2017/18 MG Ukraine sold on world markets over 4.1 million tonnes of oilseeds, in particular: soybean 2.1 million tons, rape of 2 million tons, whereas at the same date last year, exports of these crops amounted to 2.07 million tons and 0.94 million tons, respectively.


According to the Federal migration service of Russia, in the 2017/18 season as 21.02.18 grain exports from Russia reached 33,548 MT, in particular wheat 26,254 million tonnes, barley 3,983 million tons, corn 3,075 million tons On that date the rate of exports higher than last year on average by 39.7%, while wheat exports increased by 40.6%, barley – 2 times.