Ukraine and Russia started the harvesting campaign of grains

2019-06-21 12:02:03
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Ukraine and Russia started the harvesting campaign of grains

As of June 20 in the southern regions of Ukraine started the harvesting campaign of grains. Of 133 thousand hectares (1% of the area) produced 404 thousand tonnes of grain with a yield of 30.3 t/ha.


On a specified date collected:

over 109 thousand hectares (4% of area) 341 thousand tonnes of barley at a yield of 31.3 kg/ha,

7 thousand hectares (3% of area) 14 thousand tons of peas with a yield of 18.2 C/ha.

  • with 17 thousand hectares of 49 thousand tons of winter wheat for yield of 29.1 t/ha,

in addition, 4 thousand hectares harvested 6 tons of winter rapeseed with a yield of 15.3 C/ha.


In the Krasnodar region of Russia as at 20 Jun already threshed 140 thousand hectares of planted 1,466 million hectares Of them are collected 125 thousand tons of grain with an average yield of 66.8 t/ha, which is 5.2 t/ha higher than the corresponding period last year. In particular, from 113 thousand hectares (81% of area) produced 750 thousand tons of winter barley with an average yield of 66,3 kg/ha.


some farms of the Stavropol region began the threshing of winter wheat, however, the majority of enterprises harvested winter barley. In total, the region threshed 113 thousand hectares of grain and leguminous crops, or 5% of the total number of crops. The average yield of 37 q/ha.