Ukraine reduced sunflower oil production, and Russia has increased

2018-05-04 12:10:09
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Ukraine reduced sunflower oil production, and Russia has increased

Reduction in sunflower crop in the current season resulted in a reduction of sunflower oil production in Ukraine, - reported by "Ukroliyaprom".


Production of crude oil during September-March 2017/18 MG decreased in comparison with the corresponding period last MG 7.3% to 3.36 million tonnes in view of creameries, or 10% to 3 million tonnes excluding oil mills.


at the same Time, production of refined sunflower oil increased by 1.1% to 397,5 thousand tons of Margarines and fat – 14.6%, mayonnaises and sauces – 5.2%.


Production of soybean oil grew by 23.1% to of 118.7 thousand tons, rapeseed – on 73,7% to 46.9 thousand tons.


However, notwithstanding the decline in production, Ukraine remains the major world producer and exporter of sunflower oil. Among 120 countries-buyers of domestic oil biggest customer is India (44.7 per cent), EU countries (26,2%), China (10%) and Iraq (to 4.2%). Sunflower meal is mainly bought by the EU (58%), Belarus (12.0 percent), Turkey (5,9%), Morocco (4.9 per cent).


Domestic rapeseed oil buy EU countries (80%) and China (20%), soybean - EU (43.7 per cent), China (19.2 per cent) and India (12.6 per cent). Soybean meal Ukraine exports to the CIS countries (47,5%) and the EU (32%).


Russia has reduced the production of vegetable oils from 520 thousand tons in February to 501 thousand tonnes in March, which is 2% lower than in March 2017 (511,6 thousand tons).


in General, during September-March 2017/18 MG the production of vegetable oils in Russia grew compared to the same period last season by 3.8% from 3,543 million tons to a record 3,677 million tons, in particular, sunflower oil at 3% 2,896 million tons to 2.98 million tons.