Ukraine started the harvesting of soybean and sunflower

2018-08-28 12:12:56
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Ukraine started the harvesting of soybean and sunflower

According to the agrarian policy of Ukraine as of 27 August with 53 thousand hectares (1% of the area) produced 91 thousand tons of sunflower with a yield of 1.7 t/ha. On this date in 2017 with 57 thousand ha were harvested 75 thousand tons of sunflower seeds with the yield of 1.33 t/ha.


Farmers of the South are reporting that quality of sunflower seeds of early maturing varieties is high enough, the oil content of 4-5% over last year and is 44-45%, while the moisture is in the range of 5-6%.


In some regions have started harvesting soybeans, and 7 thousand hectares has already collected 16 tonnes of the oilseed with the yield of 2.49 t/ha, whereas last year at this date was threshed 2 thousand hectares and the yield was of 1.48 t/ha.


Good weather conditions allow to hope for a good harvest of soybean and sunflower, so the processors leave the purchase price at a low level 10600 and 10800 UAH/t, respectively.


Traders do not buy soy because of the uncertainty with the fate of the amendments to the law, which allows you to export only the oil producers, which reduces competition in the market.

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