Ukraine increases grain exports and expands its geography

2017-04-06 12:09:34
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Ukraine increases grain exports and expands its geography

Ukraine occupies leading positions in the world in exports of grain and oilseed crops and is also obtained after processing. Now domestic products are supplied in 190 countries.


Ukraine takes 3rd place in the world in the exporting of barley, the 4th is for the sale of corn, 6 of the sales of wheat, 11th in flour export and 12th in the export of cereals.


At the end of the 2016/17 season the share of Ukraine in the global export market of grain by up to 12%. For 2016 on the global markets were sold agricultural products worth 15.5 billion $, which is 4.5% higher than in 2015. The main products exports in 2016 remained grains and oilseeds, oil, sugar, meat.


the Largest buyers of steel in Asian countries (45.9 per cent of exports to $ 7 billion), the EU (27.5% of exports 4.2 billion dollars), Africa (15.7% of exports of 2.4 billion dollars), the CIS (7.7% of exports at $ 1.2 billion) and USA (0.9% of exports to 45 million us $).


Domestic farmers expect this season to surpass the record of the season 2015/16, when it was exported 39.4 million tons of grain, and put into global markets 41.6 million tons of grain. Since the beginning of this season already exported 34,129 million tons of grain, including: 14,69 million tons of wheat, of 14.34 million tons of maize, 4.9 million tonnes of barley and 297.5 thousand tons of flour. In addition, as of April 5, exported 3.54 million tons of various kinds of oil, 3.1 million tons of meal, 2.4 million tons of soybeans, 1 million tons of rapeseed.