Ukraine 7.5% increase in the sowing area of winter crops

2018-12-28 12:54:33
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Ukraine 7.5% increase in the sowing area of winter crops

Domestic farmers increased in comparison with last year the acreage under winter crops harvest of 2019 7.5% to 8,945 million tons, of which agricultural enterprises sowed 7,199 million hectares (+8.4 percent), and households – 1,746 million hectares (+3.6 percent), the state statistics service reported yesterday.


the acreage under winter grains increased by 4.4% to 7,585 million hectares, with:

of sowing area of barley increased by 22% and exceeded 1 million hectares,

acreage of rye decreased by 22.7% to of 115.1 thousand hectares,

acreage of triticale has decreased by 17.1% to 13.3 thousand hectares.

  • of the sowing area of wheat increased by 2.8% to 6,449 million hectares,


Winter vetch this year in Ukraine was not sown.


Winter rape sown 1,292 million hectares, which is almost a third more than last year.


According to the Ministry of agrarian policy of 6.9 million hectares or 97% of the areas have already received seedlings, in a good or satisfactory condition are currently 86%, or 6 million hectares, and in the weak or liquefied – 14% or 900 thousand hectares.


it is Noted that this year, the sprouts of winter crops are in better condition than it was at the same date last year, when in weak or liquefied state were 19% cereals and 13% of winter rape.