Ukraine exported nearly 42 million tons of grain

2017-06-09 12:50:44
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Ukraine exported nearly 42 million tons of grain

IN 2016/17 MG Ukraine sold on world markets a record 41,67 million tons of grain, the Ministry agroprodmach.


in Particular, during the specified period were exported:

  • corn 19,17 million tons,
  • wheat of 16.98 million tons
  • barley 5.26 million tons,
  • soy 2.7 million tons,
  • rapeseeds of 1.03 million tons,
  • peas 310 thousand tons,
  • rye 6.6 thousand tons.


in addition was implemented 365,5 thousand tons of flour, of which 364,1 thousand tons is wheat flour, and 1.4 thousand MT flour other varieties.


it is Worth noting that in addition to grain Ukraine exported products processing enterprises.

  • sunflower oil cride 4.1 million tons,
  • sunflower oil refined 335 kt,
  • sunflower meal and cake 3.77 million tons,
  • soybean oil 129 thousand tons,
  • soybean meal and cake 247 thousand tons.


the Ministry of agrarian policy predicted that in the 2016/17 season domestic farmers will be able to export 41.6 million tonnes of grain than will exceed the record figure of the 2015/16 season, when world markets were supplied 39.4 million tonnes of grain.