Ukraine actively exports products to the agricultural sector

2017-05-05 12:05:19
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Ukraine actively exports products to the agricultural sector

As of 03.05.2017 Ukraine since the beginning of the current marketing season, according Minagropolitiki, exported 37.2 million tons of grain.


So, on a specified date in the foreign markets implemented:

  • corn  of 16.07 million tons,
  • wheat 15.8 million tons,
  • barley 5.13 million tons,
  • rye 4.3 thousand tons,
  • soy 2,566 million tons,
  • rapeseeds 1,018 million tons,
  • peas 310 thousand tons.


in addition to raw materials Ukraine is actively exported products processing enterprises.

  • crude sunflower oil – 3,681 million tons,
  • refined sunflower oil – 282 thousand tons,
  • soybean oil – 117 thousand tons,
  • sunflower meal and cake – 3,285 million tons,
  • soybean meal  – 222 thousand tons.


Starting from September 2016 in global markets were sold 684 thousand tons of sugar, which was a record figure for the domestic sugar industry.


According to forecasts of "Urahara", due to the increase in acreage under sugar beet to 330-350 thousand hectares in the following year, sugar production will increase to 2.3-2.5 million. Since domestic market demand in 2017 is estimated at 1.54 million tons of sugar, the increased production will allow to export more than 1 million tons.