Ukraine intensifies export of grain Russia is not yet possible

2016-10-26 14:02:50
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Ukraine intensifies export of grain Russia is not yet possible

According to operational information of the FCS of Russia from the beginning of the current season as of October 19, the country exported 11,809 million tons of grain.

  • wheat 9,682 million tons,
  • barley 1,354 million tons,
  • corn 717 thousand tons,
  • other cultures 56 thousand tons.

This figure is 4% lower than the same period last season, when it was sold 12,319 million tons of grain.


in order to reduce the pressure of the record harvest on the domestic market, time remaining until the end of the season, further to last year's volumes to export 5-6 million tons of grain, mainly wheat. The less time left, the more difficult becomes the task and increases the logistics burden. Moreover, at last year's support from the devaluation of the ruble to rely, apparently do not have. This will reduce the market prices of Russian wheat will push the cost of black sea grain.


the Pace of grain exports from Ukraine has accelerated and reached the level of last year. As of October 19, since the beginning of the 2016/17 MY from Ukraine exported 12.4 million tons of grain.

  • wheat, 7.8 million tons,
  • of barley-3.4 million tons,
  • corn, 1.1 million tons.


 USDA's October report increased the forecast of grain exports.

  • from Ukraine by 1.4 million tons to 38.5 million tons
  • from Russia at 1 million. tons to 38 million tons (of which wheat 29 million tons, barley – 4 million tons, corn – 4 million tons).