Tenders Saudi Arabia raise the price of barley

2018-03-27 12:08:38
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Tenders Saudi Arabia raise the price of barley

on Friday, the state operator Saudi Arabia SAGO purchased the tender of 1.02 million tonnes of feed barley (presumably made in France, Germany, South America and the black sea region) with delivery in may-June in the ports of the red sea and the Persian Gulf at a price 238,47-257,4 $/t Average price was 249,23 $/t, which is 2.4% higher than the purchase price of the February tender.


this season, each tender which was held by Saudi Arabia, have raised the world price of barley is $10-20/MT, so traders followed closely on the results of the last auction of the season at the barley of the old crop. The growth of purchasing prices for barley in a previous tender to 210-215 $/MT on the basis FOB-Black sea led to a surge in prices for wheat and corn, which rose to 200-205 $/t FOB. Now traders watch as the market reacts to higher prices of barley to 215-220 $/t FOB-Black sea.


According to the Agency Agricensus, the offer price of Russian barley rose to 220,25 $/t FOB Novorossiysk, the Australian – to 240,5 $/MT FOB Western Australia.


Ukraine barley prices at the port are 185-190 $/t or 5750-5850 UAH/t, that exceeds the price of milling wheat with protein 11.5 percent.


In the current season Ukraine exported over 4 million tons of barley, and the rest of the season to implement some 150-200 thousand tons, although last season the exports of barley amounted to 4.7 million tonnes Manufacturers planned to increase sowing area under spring barley, but late spring and lasting frosts delay seed that will lead to reduced space and lower gross collection.


the Growth in demand raises the price of barley of the new harvest, over which traders have to offer 180-185 $/t CPT-port of delivery in July, while that for wheat with protein 11.5% of the offer of 175 $/t CPT-port.