Tender in Saudi Arabia will determine the reference price for barley

2019-06-21 12:18:43
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Tender in Saudi Arabia will determine the reference price for barley

Grain Agency of Saudi Arabia (SAGO) on June 21 will hold a tender for the purchase of 900 thousand tons of feed barley for delivery in August-September. The tender will set new benchmark prices for barley, which decreased significantly after increasing forecasts of world production.


in Recent times we have purchased on the tender may 6, 840 thousand tonnes of barley at an average price of 193,03 $/t C&F.


Last year, barley prices rose sharply amid a decline in global harvest, but the increase in acreage and production recovery in the EU and Australia have led to lower prices for grain of new harvest.


In Ukraine the prices for feed barley has decreased in port before 156-160 $/t, while the forecast production is not too grown, and is 8-8,4 million tons, and the forecast of export 4-4. 5 million tons compared to 3.5 million tonnes in 2018/19 Mr. Preliminary data of the barley harvest in the South of Ukraine testify to a high enough nature and productivity at the secondary level.


Russia in the new season may increase barley production to 18 million tons and exports – up to 5-5. 5 million tons.


the EU Countries in 2019/20 Mr will increase exports of barley by 1 million tons to 6 million tons, Australia by 0.5 million tonnes to 5 million tonnes.

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