The pace of planting in Ukraine, Russia and the United States concede togoron

2018-04-25 12:11:23
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The pace of planting in Ukraine, Russia and the United States concede togoron

Delayed sowing in major producing countries will affect the gross yield and the price of grain from the new harvest.


According to the USDA, for cool weather with rain and snow in some regions the rate of planting corn and spring wheat are significantly behind last year and forecasts of experts.


at the moment, with corn planted 5% of planned vs 6-7% forecasted by the experts, 10% at the same date in 2017 and 9% in average of 5 years.


Spring wheat in the 6 major States planted 3% vs 25% on average for 5 years.


the Pace of sowing of soybean (2%) correspond to the average 5-year total, although the States of Iowa and Illinois, which are the main producers of soy have not started sowing.


Despite the uncertainty over the fate of the export of sorghum using a trade war with China, this grain in the main 11 States planted 24%, which corresponds to last year and average of 5 years.


Barley planted 11% of the area that is one third of the average 5-year index.


In Ukraine, as of April 24, the early grain and leguminous 2,023 million hectares or 84% of the planned areas, in particular:

spring barley 1,351 million hectares (85%),

peas 379 thousand ha (89%),

oats 152 thousand hectares (74%),

corn for grain 776 thousand hectares (17%),

sunflower 1,521 million hectares (27%),

soy 133 thousand hectares (7%),

sugar beet 232 thousand hectares (77%).

  • spring wheat 142 thousand hectares (80%),


Russia's spring crops planted 4.6 million hectares or 8.6% of the planned, in particular:

barley 995,8 thousand hectares (13%),

corn 747,7 thousand hectares (24,8%).

  • wheat 263,3 thousand ha (1,8%),


For comparison, in 2017 on the specified date were sown 6.4 million hectares, in particular:

barley, 1.8 million hectares,

corn 793,6 thousand hectares.

  • wheat 427,2 thousand hectares,


in addition, planted:

soy 103,8 thousand ha (3.8%) vs. 52.2 thousand ha in 2017

rape of 13.4 thousand hectares (1,3%) against 47 thousand hectares in 2017

sugar beet 322,1 thousand hectares (29.4 percent) against 629,4 thousand hectares in 2017.

  • sunflower 681,1 thousand hectares (9%) vs 997,5 thousand hectares in 2017

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