The pace of grain exports from Ukraine and the EU is higher than last year

2019-09-03 12:07:12
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The pace of grain exports from Ukraine and the EU is higher than last year

According to APK-inform, during August 24-30 export shipments of grain by seaports of Ukraine has increased compared to the previous week by 15% from 1.24 to 1.43 million tons In particular, exports of wheat decreased by 16% from 1020 to 854 thousand tonnes, while exports of corn has doubled from 92 to 180 thousand tonnes, and barley – from 133 to 398 thousand tons.


Since the beginning of the season exports of wheat compared to the previous year increased by 55% to 4.1 million tons, barley – by 36% to 1.75 mln t, corn at 70% to 1.78 million tons.


the Export of grain from Russia has been slower than last year, as producers hold back sales in anticipation of rising prices. Over the last week, grain exports decreased by 12% from 851 to 967 kt In particular, the export of barley decreased in comparison with previous week by 18% to 89 thousand tons, corn – twice from 24 to 11 thousand tons, wheat to 752 834 thousand tons.


In the new season as of August 22, Russia exported 8.5 million tonnes of grain, which is 3.9% below the corresponding period last year. According to experts the Rusagrotrans, in August grain exports will decrease to 4.2 million tons compared with 4.5 million tonnes in July. Most of all in comparison with July to August reduced the exports of barley from 0.62 to 0.4 million tonnes and corn – from 0.21 to 0.15 million tons.


the Pace of wheat exports from the EU to the new season ahead of last year by 20%, corn by 74%. Weekly exports as of September 2 totaled 397,455 thousand tons, which corresponds to the level of the previous week. Main exporters of steel Latvia (142,612 thousand tons), France (90,022 thousand tons), Bulgaria (62,236 thousand tons), Romania (31,266 thousand tonnes) and Sweden (30 kt).


in General, in the new season for exports was to 3.63 million tons of wheat, which is 20% higher than in 2018 and 7% - an indicator of 2017. The export of barley is 1.14 million tons, which is 5% inferior to the corresponding indicator 2018. In this week's export of barley was the smallest in the season 4,429 thousand tons


corn Imports in comparison with the similar period of 2018 grew by 74% to 3.6 million tonnes, while the share of Brazilian corn in the European imports rose by 5% to 48%. Last week, the EU imported 459,983 thousand tons of maize, of which 212,426 kt acquired Portugal and the 129,029 thousand t – Spain.

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