Soybean exports from Brazil exceeded the figure for 2016

2017-08-16 14:51:39
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Soybean exports from Brazil exceeded the figure for 2016

According to the official information of the Brazilian government, since the beginning of this year as of 14.08.17 on world markets was sold to 53,37 million tons of soybeans, which is 3.5% more than in 2016.


Before that record levels of exports of Brazilian soybeans was recorded in 2015, when foreign markets were supplied 54.3 million tonnes of the oilseed. But this year, the country could set a new record, given the high demand and the active import of soybeans in China and Brazil.


estimates of the Ministry of agriculture of Brazil, in the 2016/17 season received the largest in the history of the soybean crop is 114 million tonnes, so the export of oil, according to experts Abiove, to reach 64 million tons.


the prospects of a good harvest continue to put pressure on the price of soybeans in Chicago, which yesterday dropped to 339 $/t, which is the lowest level in 10 months.

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