Prices of wheat and barley grow on all delivery bases

2016-08-10 12:19:00
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Prices of wheat and barley grow on all delivery bases

As of August 9, Ukraine threshed almost 97% of the area and received 25.6 million tons of wheat and 9.6 million tonnes of barley.

In recent weeks, the pace of exports improved in July 2016 was exported 2.7 million tons of grain.

Traders have begun to actively purchase wheat and barley, so for the past week, prices on the basis of CPT-port increased by 2-3 $/tn and currently are:


  • feed wheat – 143-144 $/ton or 4150 UAH/ton,
  • wheat 3 CL – 146 to 147 $/t or 4200-4300 UAH/ton,
  • wheat 2 TC – 148 to 151 $/ton or 4250-4300 UAH/ton,
  • feed barley - 137-138 $/ton or 3900-4000grn/tone .


the Greatest demand is for wheat class 2, the price of which on the inside elevators is 4100-4300 UAH/t. Support prices for grain from the black sea region continue to provide news about the bad harvest in France and the low quality of wheat in the main European exporter.


In the season 2016/17 MG France can leave the ranks of the leading European exporters of soft wheat. Wheat exports to third countries (outside the EU) may fall from 12.6 million tons the previous season to 5.1 million tons in the current. At the same time Germany, which is usually in second place, could overtake France and exported 6.65 million tons of wheat. Germany also suffered problems with the deterioration of grain quality and reduce yield, but to a much lesser extent than France. It is expected that German farmers will gather 25.5 million tons of soft wheat.