Grain prices in Ukraine

2016-06-23 13:04:33
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Grain prices in Ukraine

In the export market of grain traders completed a program of purchases of old crop and are preparing to receive a new one.
Prices for corn and soy remain at a high level 5300 USD. and 11500-11600 grn soybeans accordance with delivery in ports, although the number of customers has significantly decreased. The decline in prices on the Chicago stock exchange affected the price of Ukrainian corn and soybean new crop, who this week declined to the level of 170 $ 400-405.


Ports began to receive grain of new harvest. The price of barley was set at the level of 4000-4050 or 141-142 dollars /ton with delivery at the port and 3300-3500 USD in the domestic elevators.
A good crop of wheat in the world continues to put pressure on prices. The price of wheat in Ukrainian ports decreased by 1-2 dollars and was established at level:


  • wheat 2. the 4500 or 158 dollars
  • the
  • wheat 3кл. the 4400 or 155 dollars
  • the
  • wheat 6кл. the 4300 or 150-151 dollars

the uncertainty of the future wheat harvest in the EU and Russia and Ukraine supported the price of wheat and in case of deterioration in quality will increase the difference between the prices of the food and feed wheat with a 3-5 $ 8-15 of dollars on Tony.

The price of peas of the new harvest showed a significant decline over the last month 330-350 up to $ 275.
Following the decline in prices for rapeseed in Europe, prices in the ports of Ukrainian rapeseed has declined from 410 390-395 $ 11000 UAH per ton.