Prices for new crop grains fell significantly

2016-06-29 12:18:23
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Prices for new crop grains fell significantly

On the export grain market of Ukraine there is a significant decline in prices for new crop grains.
This happens on the basis of a common global trend in the decline of grain prices, which was caused by the decline of the Euro after Brexit and a fine crop of early grain crops in the world.

Barley prices were established at the level 3700-3950 135-137 USD or USD /ton delivery to port and 3300-3400 USD in the domestic elevators. This is due to a good harvest of barley in Ukraine and the lack of export demand due to Ramadan.

The price of wheat in Ukrainian ports decreased by 3-5 dollars and established at the level of: wheat grade 2 4300-4400 or USD 156 USD 3-grade wheat 4000-4300 USD or $ 152-153 wheat 6 class 4000 USD or $ 145-149. Reduction happens on a good harvest in the Ukraine and Russia.

The uncertainty of the future quality of the wheat crop in the EU support price of wheat, although this trend may also change after the start of the Assembly in France and Germany.
Lower prices for rapeseed in Europe and canola in the US led to a significant reduction in prices for Ukrainian rapeseed 400 to $ 380-385 SRT port.
Corn prices remain at a high level 5300 USD, though buyers were not so much.

The decline in prices on the Chicago exchange have affected the price of Ukrainian corn from the new harvest, which last week declined to a level of 160-165 dollars.