Barley prices are rising despite the fall in grain prices

2018-08-15 12:13:41
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Barley prices are rising despite the fall in grain prices

In the latest USDA report global production of coarse grains was increased mainly at the expense of corn, whereas the balance for barley remained almost unchanged. Ukraine has already harvested 7.1 million tonnes of barley, which gives hope for obtaining a projected 7.5 million tons, and exports 4 million tons, while the start of the season already exported nearly 1 mln tonnes of barley of the new harvest.


For 2017/18, my Ukraine exported 4.3 million tonnes of barley, which is 20% less than the record previous season.


the Purchase prices of barley is rapidly growing and has already reached in the port record 215-218 $/t or 7000-7200 UAH/t After the fall in wheat prices, the price of barley was $10/t above the price for wheat with a protein of 12.5%.


Even the increase in the number of proposals cannot satisfy the high demand from exporters, which as a result of defaults or delays in deliveries by suppliers break the timing of shipments on contracts.


For Russia, the forecast of barley production remains at the level of 17 million tons, of which at least 5 million tonnes can be exported. In the 2017/18 season, the country exported a record 5.83 million tonnes of barley, which is 94% higher than the previous MG.


currently in Russia with 3.6 million hectares (43% of plan) produced 9.4 million tons of winter wheat and spring barley with a yield of 2.62 t/ha compared to 3.43 t/ha in 2017, Increasing exports of Russian barley in the near future will reduce the stress on the world market, thereby the price of barley also can decline following the price of wheat and corn.

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